I Read


 I read

I am a reader. I read because I want to relax and I want to expand my vocabulary.  When I was around 9 and younger I hated reading. I don’t know why, but I just thought it was really boring just to stare at words and people were forcing me to read, so that also added on to why I really hated reading. But at the start of 4th grade I started to like reading. Now I am in 6th grade and like reading most of the time. My favorite authors are Rick Rordan, Raina Telmenger and Ann Martin.  

First Rick Rordan, he wrote one of my favorite book series. The book collection is called Percy Jackson. This book collection is 5 books long. These books are The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titans Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. All of these books come in chapters or graphic novels. Recently I just started The Titans Curse

Second Raina Telmenger, Raina Telmenger wrote one of my first graphic novel series I read. In the collection are the books Smile, Sisters and Guts. This collection is a graphic novel series. It has chapters but it’s shown with pictures. This is a short series but the books are long so I like that.

The final author is Ann Martin, Ann Martin wrote the all amazing series The babysitters Club. This series is a 15 book collection that is still being added on to. I have read all of these books and I can definitely say that this series is my all time favorite graphic novel series and it even has a Netflix show. This may look like a long series and it is but it’s worth the reading because the collection is so good. There are so many books I am not going to try and list them.

All of these series are amazing. They help me do so much. They help me learn and relax next to a comfy cozy fire. I like to read when I want to. I read in a comfy spot to make me relaxed. All of these things are affected by books. Books are amazing.

Window or Mirror

                                                 The lightning thief 


Image from Sora

One of my favorite books is The Lightning Thief. It’s thrilling with a plot twist. I have no connections with this book but this book is exciting. For me this book is a window. 

This book is The lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and this book is a fantasy. I chose this book because I wanted to go out of my comfort zone since I have only been reading graphic novels. I heard everyone talking about the Percy Jackson series so I tried it. 

This is a window for me because I don’t have a dad that is a god, I don’t have a stepdad, I don’t have failing grades, I don’t go to a camp called Camp Half Blood for Demigods also I am not a boy. I often choose window books because I like to see things from different perspectives. Also I like non fiction as well so those are window books. Sometimes I will find a book that is a mirror but that’s rare for me.

My Trip to Australia



For Christmas my family went to Australia. We left to go to the airport at 5:30 am to catch our flight to Los Angeles then go to Australia. The airport was cold and we were racing to the gate where we barely made it. The flight was eight hours and the flight took off at 6:30 am and in California it’s three hours back so when we will arrive at the airport it will be three pm including departing off the plane. Eight hours later we arrived at L.A with our next flight in mind, which I might add is a fifteen hour flight.


Fifteen hours later we landed in the place I always wanted to go, Australia! When I first stepped out of the airport in Sydney my jaw dropped about how beautiful it was. I had never seen such a beautiful place. But alas we rented a car to drive to our Airbnb. We arrived at the Airbnb. There was a beautiful bridge crossing with a beautiful view with all of these rainbow flags. After we arrived at the Airbnb we walked around Sydney, Australia. We saw the Sydney opera house and walked on Bondi beach. But that day was a tiring Thursday in Australia but Wednesday in America.


On our ninth day in Sydney we hopped on a plane to Port Lincoln, the very bottom of Australia. We are going for one reason SHARK CAGE DIVING! Now you may or may not be thinking that’s crazy. This girl is only in 6th grade which you would know if you read my blog post all about me which you should read after this. Anyways yes my favorite animal is sharks. I have loved them since I was four years old. Before this trip I shark caged in Hawaii which I will make a blog post about soon. This shark cage is crazy because I am shark cage diving with GREAT WHITE SHARKS! So at 10:30 am we hopped on a 5 hour boat ride to the spot and the water was 58 F or 14 C. 5 hrs later we arrived at the spot with the chum chummed up and how you breathed underwater if you had a regulator which you can breathe out of. I stepped in the cage excited to go in. I hopped in SPLOOSH. I saw at least 3 great whites. We had 30 minutes in the cage. 15 minutes went by and this shark slammed into the cage mouth wide open. It felt so ecstatic in the cage but the rest of the time the sharks were chill. We headed back to the hotel at about 10:30 pm because of all of the people there.


On the eleventh day we went on a plane to Port Douglas which is above Sydney. When I arrived at the Airbnb it was like a jungle and with a beautiful view. We were just going to spend Christmas at Port Douglas which was the twelfth day. In Port Douglas we went on fun hikes and found cool creatures. On the twelfth day we were going to do a barbecue on the grill but we couldn’t because there was a huge spider on the grill. We learned that the spider was called a huntsman spider.


On the sixteenth day we were heading to one of the most famous zoos in the world, Australia zoo! We got to pet wombats, feed kangaroos and see a crocodile show. It was amazing. I saw so many new animals at the huge zoo. I also got to pet a koala there.


On the seventeenth day we went to this sanctuary called Lone Pine sanctuary. There we got to hold a snake pet, a dingo and hold a very cute koala and also feed some platypuses. Of course we fed some more kangaroos and so much more.


Our final day was New Year’s Eve. We had a great spot to watch the fireworks above the Sydney opera house. We had a spot in the botanical gardens. The fireworks were amazing. I would recommend visiting Australia.

My Trip to Camp Kirkwood


                                  Camp Kirkwood

For our first 6th grade school trip we went to Camp Kirkwood. We were on 3 buses headed on a 2 hour bus ride well a hurricane might hit. The first day we got there it was raining all day but we did some things when it stopped raining, like a low ropes course, trampoline/ Kanga jump and going in a pool. We had lunch when we first got there and that lunch was not what I would usually eat. After all of those activities we had our first dinner at camp and it was spaghetti bolognese and it was okay. After that we got to shower and hang out in the cabin. The cabin had two showers with hot water and two toilets with locking doors and two sinks with seven bunk beds = 14 people. After we got to choose if we wanted to watch a movie or play battle ball and I chose battle ball. Battle ball is dodge ball but there is this one pink ball that if you make a half court shot your team automatically wins. By the way we played battle ball on a basketball court and if you got hit with a ball you sit down until someone on your team hits the backboard of the basketball hoop. At one point in the game, if you hit the backboard you could get a sno cone. I hit it on the first try so I got a sno cone. It was delicious but after all of that it was 9:00 pm at night. We had one hour in our cabin to get ready for bed at 10:00 pm with 12 6th graders and two teachers in one cabin.


Our second day we were supposed to wake up at 7:15 am but the teacher’s iphone was 1 hour early and woke up 12 kids at 6:15 am instead of 7:15 am so we went back to bed for 1 hour until it was 7:15 am. After that one hour of sleep it was time to wake up and get ready for breakfast at 8:15 am. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs and bacon with a cereal bar in the back. I don’t like scrambled eggs so I had some bacon and a bowl of cereal with two cups of juice. Before you know it it’s time to go to activities. Our first activity was orienteering. Orienteering is using a compass and trying to find your way. We were trying to find our way from our cabins to the cafeteria with a partner and a compass and we all eventually found our way because he gave me the coordinates to the cafeteria so we made it. Our next activity was V swing. Now here is what gets interesting. You are on a harness on a rope with the rest of your group pulling you to the top just for you to pull one cord and swing like a monkey side to side. Everyone in the group had a blast even our adults in our group did. That was probably the most fun thing at camp and you only got to do it once. Once again after the V swing we went to the pool. The pool was a blast that day doing a cannonball in the deep end well splashing your friends with pool water. Before you knew it one hour had gone by and it was one hour of free time and I took that time to shower right before dinner. Dinner that day was hot dogs which were decent and for dessert we had cake because there were five birthdays well we were at camp. After dinner we had a chance to talk to our advisors about how camp was going. After the talk we had a night hike to a huge campfire where everyone had a s’more and got to roast marshmallows. Before we knew it it’s time to go back to the cabins to go to bed.


Our last day we woke up at 7:15 am this morning to get ready for our last breakfast which was waffles and syrup. For our final activities, we rotated through canoeing, zip line and Gaga ball. My group started canoeing. In my canoe we had five people including me with two people rowing and our canoe was flooding so we had to squat for one hour with five big spiders in the canoe in the middle of a lake for one hour. After canoeing we got to go on the big zip line over the lake. I was strapped to the 50 ft high zip line over a lake. There were two of the same zip lines next to each other so I got to ride next to my friend Anna. After the zip line, our final activity was Gaga ball. Gaga ball is a game where you have to hit the other people with a ball, knees and below to get them out. We walked to the Gaga pit but they surprised us with their camp pet Bubbles, the pig we got to pet here and she was so nice. After we met Bubbles, we played Gaga ball for some time before it was time to leave camp. We went to our cabins to pack up and put our belongings on the buses and head home. We were on the bus for two hours before finally getting to school where my parents picked me up. Overall the trip is a trip I will never forget.